Maggie Ntim: An Athlete's Branding Partner in Crime

From major hip hop legends to first round NFL Draft Picks, Margaret "Maggie" Ntim has worked to help music artists and athletes create strong personal brands in the sports and entertainment industry. She joins Sistas in Sports to talk about her inspirations that motivate her to succeed and how her passion for marketing and branding helped her start her own business.  

Tells us about your background working in the music business and how it has been transitioning to working in sports with young athletes? 

I got my start in the music industry over five years ago as a Digital Marketing and Brand Partnerships intern at Def Jam Records and Republic Records. This role later turned into a full-time role after creating digital campaigns and building a database of brands for potential partnerships for the artists roster that included Nas, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and others. From there I went on to hold different digital and marketing positions, consultant positions with companies Viacom Media Networks, 50 Cent’s own G-Unit Records. The transition was pretty smooth considering that music and sports are synonymous. I have always enjoyed working with talent whether it is a music artist or young athlete.

There are many young women that aspire to work in Marketing in the sports and entertainment business.  As marketing is very broad, how did you narrow your focus on what you wanted to do? What advice would you give to others to do the same? 

I always had a passion for technology so falling into digital marketing was a no brainer. However, I did not know that brand partnerships were going to be my niche and I love it. What made me focus on brand marketing partnerships was really due to my love for brands and being able to create a great partnership. My advice to others would be to really hone in on your skills within marketing. Marketing is a very competitive field especially within sports and entertainment so focus your expertise within marketing and pursue it.

You have worked with some major names in the music business, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, just to name a few. What was your most proud and memorable moment? 

My most proud moments were working with my two favorite artists Nas, and 50 Cent.  My most memorable moment was meeting Lyor Cohen and him sharing such great advice on how to succeed in the music business.

You are now working with young athletes including Ezekiel Elliot and just had 3 athletes you work with get picked up in the NFL Draft. Tell us about your agency Trinity Three Agency, and how your brand is helping these athletes take their brands to the next level beyond the play on the field? 

I’m very excited for the future and working with these young guys. To know that I can have a hand in helping these young men build great brands from the start is an amazing feeling. Trinity Three agency is what I like to call the agency that gets it and connects all things. We specialize in three areas marketing, management, and consulting within the industries of music, sports, and technology. I give my clients 200% and I don’t expect anything less from anyone I’m working with. My vision has always been to get the client and show them why you’re their best option to work with. No room for mistakes or another option. I believe my brand is helping these athletes from not just brand management, brand partnerships, but also helping them invest in fields like technology through my other company MLN Ventures. MLN Ventures is an investment group that bridges the gap between athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and technology.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned personally and professionally working in the sports and entertainment business? 

Some of the biggest lessons I learned was to always keep your word. I usually prefer to just do something and mention it afterwards then to say it beforehand and it doesn’t happen. Also, be genuine and authentic there are so many people in this industry that aren’t honest so you want to be different. Another lesson is to value all relationships; your network is your net worth especially in sports and entertainment.

You inspire and motivate many young athletes with your agency. Who in your life inspires you? 

I do! (Laughs) I feel like I’m just getting started. The person that inspires me is my grandmother. She was the one that raised me since the age of 1 and has never left my side since. She is so amazing from raising 5 children and taking me in while she was still raising my youngest uncle. She has taught me what it means to be independent woman from cooking, cleaning, working two jobs, and still managing to have fun while doing it all. She is my biggest inspiration and I work as hard as I do to reward her since she sacrificed her life to raise me.

How can our readers and fellow Sistas In Sports stay connected with you and your brand? 

The readers can connect with me on Twitter/ Instagram: @maggie_nwww