Killian Lewis: Killing the Game in Sports, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship

"HausCall will be one of the best new apps of 2018. Mark my words!" A message from the CEO of the new Hauscall App launching in 2018. With years of experience as a marketing and public relations professional in the sports and entertainment industry, Ms. Killian Lewis is expanding her brand as an entrepreneur looking to take the beauty/ grooming industry by storm. Killian joins SIS to share her background in sports, her new business venture and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

Tell us about your background in sports and entertainment and what inspired you to want to be in the industry as a career?

I grew up playing sports. Mostly basketball and track and field. Although I didn’t want to play on the collegiate level, I wanted to be involved in sports in some capacity.  I  studied broadcast journalism and minored in sports administration at Howard University. I originally wanted to be on television, but after a couple of sports production internships, I switched my focus to PR and Marketing. My first full-time job out of college was with the Atlantic 10 Conference working on the Championships and Events team. I went on to work for a convention center in my hometown doing the PR and Marketing for the sporting events and shows came to the arena.

I eventually went back to school at Columbia University to get my Masters in Sports Management. My goal was to meet and connect with other people in the industry and learn the business side of the sports industry. My career was heavy sports early on, interning and working at organizations like the New York Knicks, the US Open and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), but right now I’m on the entertainment side working in PR at Combs Enterprises (Bad Boy).

Many women are interested in the public relations realm of sports, but it can be challenging as many of those opportunities are fulfilled and very competitive to break into. What advice would you give to young Sistas looking to pursue a PR role in sports/entertainment to help them standout and further pursue these opportunities?

Always go above and beyond and be persistent. You'll get a lot of  "Nos" in this industry, but keep at it. Networking is KEY. People say this all the time, but it's really about WHO you know. Working for free is a must (at least it was for me). If you're just starting out in this business, volunteer with different conferences or organizations so you can gain first-hand experience and build your network. If you have someone who can vouch for you, they'll likely put you in a position to win. I think you must be patient and trust the process, nothing comes easy in this (male dominated) industry and you should be willing to work twice as hard to make yourself stand out.


Not only are you experienced in the sports industry, but also an entrepreneur. Tells us about your business venture, the Hauscall App and the inspiration behind such a creative concept.

HausCall is an on-the-go grooming app for men of color. Men in certain areas will be able to access the app from an IOS device and request a barber come to their location. We are starting with haircuts, face cuts and scalp massages and will eventually expand our services.

We’re trying to bring a sense of luxury and convenience to the everyday man. We are also providing a way for barbers to earn an extra stream of income.

As the CEO of Hauscall, what is the ultimate vision and goals that you and your business partners have for Hauscall? How receptive have people and the market been for your start-up?

HausCall will be one of the best new apps of 2018. Mark my words! We have so many plans for this business. We want to make it the best on demand grooming app in the market, we want to partner with other black-owned businesses and we want to disrupt the beauty/grooming industry all while putting money back into our own communities.

“I think you must be patient and trust the process, nothing comes easy in this (male dominated) industry and you should be willing to work twice as hard to make yourself stand out.”

The idea of a ‘house call’ is not new, but having that on-demand service is. Having a company target minority men is something that is totally different and something that people have been receptive to. Where I think we’ve stumbled a bit is in the funding arena. Like many other start-ups and especially minority start-ups, we’ve had issues raising capital. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people out there that we haven’t even met who really believe in us and our idea and we’re grateful for that.

What lessons have you learned personally and professionally the industry as well starting your own business? 

Honestly, I’ve learned trust my gut and to stop second guessing myself. People have so many opinions about everything. You must weed out all of that energybecause in the end you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It’s okay to make a mistake. I say this all the time, but we’re not saving lives or curing brain cancer. Make a mistake, do your best to fix it and move on. Don’t make the same mistake twice though. (Lol).

Are there any individuals in your life that continue to inspire you daily?

I have a great circle of friends who encourage me every day. I’ve realized this more and more as I’ve gotten older, but it’s REALLY important for women to have other women around that that can continue to push them and exude that same positive energy. 

How can people stay connected with you and learn more about Hauscall? 

Follow us on social media!!

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also email me at with any questions. 

Tiffany Hubert