Tenisha Patterson-Brown: Statute of Fierce, Fabulous, & Flawless


Can you tell readers about your background, and road to sports law?

I'm originally from Tampa, Florida and I've always loved sports. I found my passion in sports when I went to Florida State University. I received my Bachelor Degree in Business Management and English, and my Master of Science in Sports Administration from Florida State University as well. As a undergraduate student, I was a recruiter for the football and basketball program. I also had the pleasure to work for the athletic marketing office as a Marketing Coordinator and Sales Assistant. During that time I thought I wanted to be an sports agent but my mentor and boss at the time, who is also a woman in sports, told me that in order for me to be successful in sports I had to create my niche. Even after receiving my Masters I realized that I needed and wanted more. I decided to pursue law school. I received my Juris Doctorate degree from Charlotte School of Law and I'm licensed to practice in the State of Florida. Despite the pressure to join a traditional legal practice, I was determined to follow my passion. I wanted to help athletes and my vision didn't include working for someone else's practice. I took the leap of faith and started my own consulting company and I now serve as a Sports Attorney and Business Manager for professional athletes and their significant others.

What's one of the biggest lessons you have learned about yourself in your line of work?

The biggest lesson I learned is a combination between humility and knowing my worth. It took while for me to get a strong client base. I was forced to prove myself repeatedly but throughout that process I learned how valuable I am.

You are a business owner of diverse companies, how did you decide on those respective industries?

I own four businesses including my consulting firm, Definitive Sports Representation. I co-own two businesses with my husband, Charlotte Luxury Rentals and Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I recently started a new company, Fab Baby Treasures as a solo venture. Both Charlotte Luxury Rentals and Tropical Smoothie Cafe are my husband's passions that aligned with his interests and our non-profit foundation, the Everette Brown Bag Foundation. He was actually my first client and he allowed me to help him become an entrepreneur. Fab Baby Treasures is my baby. I started the company initially to help parents of angel babies heal but it has expanded to include custom gifts for babies and kids. It was honestly a hobby that turned into a business.

What do you wish you would have known as a budding entrepreneur, that you know now with years of experience? 

I wish I would have known that trusting myself and my vision is more important than following the exact path of someone else. I always tell people, find your passion and follow through. There's no right or wrong way to achieve your dreams. Everyone's path is different.

Reading on your blog, Fierce, Fabulous , and Flawless, you share a lot of information about finding the balance between business and family. Also more intimate moments of starting a family. What was the inspiration for starting your blog, and what allows you to be so personal? 

I started my blog because God put it on my heart to do so. In the beginning it as designed to be an outlet to express myself but it later became a vessel of inspiration for so many women and men. My goal is to be as raw and real as possible. Through writing I found my purpose. Each day I vow to speak life into someone, and by doing that I'm becoming into a better human being.

How important was it to have your own brand and personal career separate from your husband?

My husband and I are a team but we both have our own very distinct goals. We are building an empire so it requires teamwork to be great. As a NFL wife, it is tempting to rely on that title but that has never been my style. I'm super independent and driven, and my husband respects that. Women have to have their own identity otherwise, when he loses himself so will you.

What's your favorite quote?
My favorite quote: "Forever Fierce, Fabulous & Flawless"

How can fellow Sistas In Sports connect with you on the web?
Facebook: TenishaPattersonBrown
Instagram: @tpattbrown
Twitter: @tpatt12
Blog: www.fiercefabulousflawless.com

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