Erica Sherman: Back For The First Time


Former St. Louis Rams intern, Erica Sherman connects with us to share her professional experience as she returns home; but this time as a Los Angeles Ram.

How has the transition been for you personally and professionally from St. Louis to Los Angeles? 

Personally I'm ecstatic! The transition to Los Angeles has been very smooth, but that's also because I tend to go with the flow. I'm native to California and though I did not live here long, it feels great to return home. With that said, I have much respect for everyone involved because it’s not easy moving a family, let alone an organization.

Professionally the transition has been an incredible whirlwind. The decision of the Rams coming to LA was announced in January and the team officially moved to California at the beginning of April. Since the announcement we have had to learn a completely new market all while continuing to foster the relationships in St. Louis that we built overtime.

It’s a blessing to be part of moving and rebuilding an organization. I have experienced so much growth in the span of a just a few months. We have accomplished quite a bit and it’s taken more than people probably realize. The Rams have incredible leadership in our ownership, front office executives as well as our football executives and I love every bit of this journey. 

How is the city of Los Angeles embracing and adjusting to an NFL team being back in the city? 

The city of Los Angeles has embraced us with arms wide open. I don’t know what it was like before, but it feels like we never left. From the beginning fans have shared stories about their experiences back when the Rams were in LA and we have felt nothing short of real support. Our first preseason game against the Cowboys was electric. It was the most attended NFL preseason game in US history and a monumental moment for our players, coaches, staff and fans in the Coliseum.

Outside of the fan perspective, there's many companies and organizations that we are excited to learn and get involved with to build everlasting partnerships.

What are your primary roles and responsibilities with the LA Rams? 

At the Rams I help manage Community Affairs and Player Involvement. I also serve as a liaison to the Rams Women’s Organization. My job is to help bring the NFL’s initiatives to life on the club level, as well as provide a link to the community through our players, staff and organization. Whether that’s coordinating community appearances for our players, or engaging different non-profits and community organizations, we take pride in being a philanthropic organization. No matter our performance on the field, as a unit we strive to be Super Bowl champs year round in the community.   

How did you break into your sector of sports? 

I always knew I wanted to work in sports, I just never knew in what capacity. I started gaining experience in high school when I had the opportunity to intern for Fox Sports and work alongside Pam Oliver. She later became my mentor throughout much of my career. After speaking with a professor at LSU, I decided to change my concentration to public relations. I had my first opportunity in the NFL with the Rams as a public relations intern.

Following my internships, I landed a full-time position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers working with the Glazer Family Foundation and in community relations. Eventually my paths led me back to the Rams.

What encouragement and advice would you provide to young Sistas interested in breaking into the Sports Industry? 

The encouragement and advice I would provide is to always have faith, always work hard and always be yourself. As individuals we know our true capabilities. Sometimes opportunities are presented to us that we don’t get and it’s our job to learn and grow from those experiences. There’s so many sports opportunities even if it’s not within a team, so never limit yourself. Network and gain experience. Try to find your niche and figure out what will separate you from the next candidate.

I believe I can be and achieve anything I put my mind to. I’m not one to tell people to think exactly like me, but I encourage others to believe in themselves and their capabilities.